Monday, May 11, 2009

Something on IPL that I laughed about, serious

Something on IPL that I laughed about, serious...

This has to be copied as is and reproduced (!) here , (1) being short and (2) looses steam clicking on to advt. riddled pages of cricinfo ( pun intended!)...


Plug and play

Ten things commentators will be shafted for shilling next year

1. "That was a Tide of a dive by Gibbs at gully. Boy, those clothes will need a Tide wash."

2. "The umpire has just declared that a Dunlop Spectrawide. Tough call, if you ask me. It didn't look all that Dunlop Spectrawide from here."

3. "Another Levis Skinny Leg-bye is added to the total. Great Levis Skinny Leg running between the wickets by the batsmen."

4. "Clipped away just wide of mid-off for a quick Radio One single."

5. "Nicely glanced away to fine-leg for a couple."

6. "Ooh, that was a poor bit of fielding that resulted in the batsmen coming back for 3 Mobile runs when all they should have got was a couple."

7. "After that Big TV No Name ball from Munaf, it's time for a brand-free hit."

8. "That's been driven through the Gap Inc for a Borders boundary."

9. "Good Housekeeping ball from Warne. It pitched just outside the Crabtree Switches off stump. Timex watchfully CPM left alone by the batsman."

10. "A wild Sensex swing from Yusuf Pathan that connects for another DLF Maximum!"

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