Thursday, February 19, 2009

OSHO exposes Mother Theresa

Osho exposes Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Prize for her charitable work in India, which Osho criticizes. (At the end of December 1980, Mother Teresa wrote to Osho).

"The politicians and the priests have always been in deep conspiracy, they have divided man. The politician rules the outside and the priest rules the inside: the politician the exterior and the priest the interior. They are joined in a deep conspiracy against humanity--they may not even be aware of what they are doing. I don't suspect their intentions; they may be absolutely unconscious.

Just the other day I received a letter from Mother Teresa. I have no intention of saying anything against her sincerity; whatsoever she wrote in the letter is sincere, but it is unconscious. She is not aware of what she is writing; it is mechanical, it is robot-like. She says, 'I have just received a cutting of your speech. I feel very sorry for you that you could speak as you did. Reference: the Nobel Prize. For the adjectives you add to my name I forgive you with great love.'

She is feeling very sorry for me...I enjoyed the letter! She has not even understood the adjectives that I have used about her. But she is not aware, otherwise she would have felt sorry for herself.

The adjectives that I have used--she has sent the cutting also with the letter--the first is 'deceiver', then 'charlatan' and 'hypocrite'....

Now I have criticized her and said that the Nobel Prize should not have been given to her, and she feels offended by it. She says in her letter, 'Reference: the Nobel Prize.'

This man Nobel was one of the greatest criminals possible in the world. the First World War was fought with his weapons; he was the greatest manufacturer of weapons....

Mother Teresa could not refuse the Nobel Prize. The same desire to be admired, the same desire to be respectable in the world--and the Nobel Prize brings you the greatest respect. She accepted the prize....

That's why I have called the people like Mother Teresa 'deceivers'. They are not deceivers knowingly, certainly, not intentionally, but that does not matter; the outcome, the end result is very clear. Their purpose is to function in this society like a lubricant so that the wheels of the society, the wheels of exploitation, oppression can go on moving smoothly. These people are lubricants! They are deceiving others and they are deceiving themselves.

And I call them 'charlatans' because a really religious person, a man like Jesus...Can you conceive of Jesus getting the Nobel Prize? Impossible! Can you conceive of Socrates getting the Nobel Prize or Al-Hillaj Mansoor getting the Nobel Prize? If Jesus cannot get the Nobel Prize and Socrates cannot get the Nobel Prize--and these are the true religious people, the awakened ones--then who is Mother Teresa?...

The really religious person is rebellious; the society condemns him. Jesus is condemned as a criminal and Mother Teresa is respected as a saint. There is something to be pondered over: if Mother Teresa is right then Jesus is a criminal, and if Jesus is right then Mother Teresa is just a charlatan and nothing else. Charlatans are always praised by the society because they are helpful--helpful to this society, to this status quo.

Whatsoever adjectives I have used I have used very knowingly. I never use a single word without consideration. And I have used the word 'hypocrites'. These people are hypocrites because their basic life style is split: on the surface one thing, inside something else.

She writes: 'The Protestant family was refused the child not because they are Protestant but because at that time we did not have a child that we could give them.'

Now, the Nobel Prize is given to her for helping thousands of orphans and there are thousands of orphans in the homes she runs. Suddenly she ran out of orphans? And in India can you ever run out of orphans? Indians go on creating as many orphans as you want, in fact more than you want!

And the Protestant family which has been refused was not refused immediately. If there was no orphan available, if all the orphans had been disposed of, then what is Mother Teresa doing with seven hundred nuns? What is their work? Seven hundred nuns...then whom are they mothering? Not a single orphan--strange!--and that too in Calcutta! You can find orphans anywhere on the road--you find children in the dustbins. They could have just looked outside the place and they would have found many children. You can just go outside the ashram and you can get orphans. They will come themselves, you need not find them!

Suddenly they ran out of orphans...And if the family had been refused immediately it would have been a totally different matter. But the family was not refused immediately; they were told, 'Yes, you can get an orphan. Fill in the form.' So the form was filled in. Till they came to the point where they had to state their religion, up to that moment, there were orphans, but when they filled in the form and wrote 'We belong to the Protestant Church,' immediately they ran out of orphans!

And this reason was not given to the Protestant family itself. Now, this is hypocrisy! This is deception! This is ugly! The reason given to the family itself was that because these children...because the children were there, so how could she say, 'We don't have any orphans'? They are always on exhibition!

She has invited me also: 'You can come any time and you are welcome to visit our place and see our orphans and our work.' They are constantly on exhibition!

In fact, those Protestants had already chosen the orphan, the child that they wanted to adopt, so she could not say to those people, 'It is because there are no more orphans. We are sorry.'

She said to them, "These orphans are being raised according to the Roman Catholic Church and it will be bad for their psychological growth because it will be such a disruption. Now, giving them to you will make them a little disturbed and it will not be good for them. That's why we cannot give the child to you, because you are Protestant."

Exactly that was the reason given to them. And they are not stupid people. The husband is a professor in a European university--he was shocked, the wife was shocked. They had come from so far away just to adopt a child, and they were refused because they are Protestants. Had they written 'Catholic' they would have been given the child immediately.

Exit Polls and Psephology

Now that with the SC ruling and CEC directive, No One would dare to publish the exit polls results or predictions (they say even astro predictions are not allowed).

What moronic country is this?

Is this what Dr.Ambedkar wrote in the freedom of speech?


Anyway again, some morons are going to defy and publish some results online. Nevertheless.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tehelka, Shankar Sharma and First Global

Very interesting, conniving and stupid acts of the rulers, who were exposed during their rule...

Now they are gloating to come back to power. What a pity....

Read here on (giving a link to their website)

Truth, Taxes And Midnight Knocks

I am afraid of living in India, and voicing out opinions against the ruling party.

I cannot stop crying.

World please act on these corrupt culprits.

Zingoism in Publishing

There are couple of posts of self styled authors, who are trying to publish and make money in the Southern India printing industry. Yes, that is the publication house, which sort of lifted ( what is the right word to take others research? ) from a guy in Singapore and published a book, and eventually took that one out of market, after paying a $30,000/- settlement. Well those publishers made money on having a website done, about the stupid foolish games on earth.

OK, what is the point I am trying to make?

These guys want to publish and sell worldwide, fine.

But in such a conducive environment, why cant they sell it worldwide at the same price?

There are ways to do it.

Now they are sort of suggesting to buy it from India, for e.g., if you are sitting in USA, to avoid double costs!

What kinda morons....