Friday, March 30, 2012

A mothers Plea! Let sense Prevail.

This is a twitlong post of T Padmhasini, mother of famous singer @Chinmayi


It all started like this.
Chinmayi refused to entertain disparaging, abusive comments and jokes about politicians on her timeline and asked them to keep away. This led people to think she has political affiliations.

Then, in the meanwhile there was a boy who casually complained about how reservation was affecting his higher education. He was a boy with a good mark-sheet, a weak bank balance and a forward caste tag.

Now came the first onslaught. The group that has been trolling Chinmayi for over a year now had a lively conversation of atmost perversion. ‘Karuthu SolraLamo? Modalla indha pappara’ ……’ roadla izhuthupottu rape pannonum’. Next one to give his valuable idea: adhoda ille indha pappara nayingala sangu sanga aruthu eriyanum thala ’ Even before this could subside the next was unleashed.

It was a pressure on Chinmayi to RT and support a hashtag on the TN Fishermen Issue, which had a lot of unnecessary, unrelated comments that had nothing to do with the issue as such but people kept tweeting utter nonsense to keep the topic trending. She refused to bow down to the pressure of a hashtag which contained abuse and vulgarity in the name of voicing out for a cause.
It was twisted and a story was circulated. ‘Chinmayi says meenai konnu thinnara meenavaaLaiyellam konna paavameilla’, Some brilliant fellow responded saying, ‘ avaaLLam adonno. Adhan romba Madi’ etc. etc.

They were crossing boundaries and we blocked a lot of them. (Actually I entered the picture at this time and I blocked every trouble monger or whom I thought was a suspected trouble monger at that time, as we wanted peace).
All these blocked IDs, formed a group and started a new trouble of starting a propaganda that Chinmayi is anti tamil tweeters. A hashtag began saying “chinmayi hates us”

YES we are against who tweet in an abysmal and vulgar language USING THE SAME SCRIPT AS WE TAMILIANS USE FOR WRITING TAMIZH.

In the meanwhile from time to time Adangudi mariyadhaya, Mariyadhaiya kappam kattudi naye, pombalai nee karuthu sollara velaiyellam vachukkadhadi’ ……..’ etc. etc. were pouring from time to time. So this small group found this was their new time pass. Mr.Rajan, please note: Many of those NAVANARADARS are with locked ids.

The group was itching for fresh trouble, their proddings gave them results and their boss tweeted, ‘indha varushathukku mandagappadi arambikkalama?’.

After Chinmayi expressing her dissent on Mahesh Murthy’s article in the Hindustan times, a fresh bout of trolling started.

While there was a Perani @ Marina on 18th what was Mr. Rajan doing? I’ll measure my words because a girl is equally involved in this criticism, and I don’t want to make sweeping comments., (we don’t want to engage in slander against women). Whether it was in seriousness or for fun, romantic lines were being exchanged throughout the day and night and the following days. In their own language, Kadal pattam parandhadhu. Even if it is for fun, the gentleman or the lady, did not bother to even think about the Tamil Eelam that one evening on the 18th. (Irony!) Chinmayi and I were in Coimbatore for the award ceremony. Last year same time, under Mr.Madan karky’s call Chinmayi, Kodhai Kirti and me were there at Marina lighting a lamp.

On this pretext one from this group sends out a tweet asking for financial help to advertise! the march 18th Perani which according to this mahanubhavan would cost 80,000/ rupees! Sabbash! Oru tamil eezha makkala vachu yarellam panam collect pannaranga parunga and for what? Advertisement about 18th Perani! Give just 8,000/- from that money, I will show you honourable people who will reach that amount honestly to the real suffering tamils in Srilanka.

Now Mr.iPokkiri adviced Chinmayi with a long blog! Mr. iPokkiri, I read a post of your esteemed friend on Kalahasti . Wonderful! If this is a sample of his writing skills, we have nothing but to say sorry. Why would you not advice your friend what is good in his interest? YOU WILL NOT as MANY of you are using him because he probably says and tweets things that you don’t want to do/say directly along with his own. Since he is a dare devil he does not hesitate.

Atheist? One is entitled to. But one HAS to respect a huge majority who are god lovers and believers. The group has abusive comments about all Godmen.

Personally, we don’t believe in following Godmen. There is immense pressure on celebrities from the followers of godmen to become a part of their movement. When we learnt to resist, they approached our company for linguistic services. For this Chinmayi was asked to visit the concerned ashrams. I have summarily rejected such suggestions and made it clear to such people that for a professional assignment a visit to any ashram is not necessary. No ashram has abused us or pressurized us for that.

The latest from their fountain is a fake id, which was created (Chimnayi) with same Bio, photo and sending a tweet to a Swami to bless her, him responding without realizing that it is a fake handle. Good that almost immediately it was brought to our notice.

Well Mr.Rajan, what Mr.Pokkiri or others are failing to do to you, I have decided to do now, here. There is a proverb, Azha azha solluvargal than manidhargal, (pirar) sirikka sirikka solluvargal matravar.

You are young. You have a lot of vegam. Good. But,onga vazhi, varthaigal ellame dharmathukku purambanavai. Indha vegam sariyana paadhaikki thiruppina ungalukkum, naattukkum nalladhu. Fill your heart with compassion and respect for fellow human beings. I have the age to advice you.

May be a bad past or an incident or a series of incidents could be a reason for your spewing of fire on women and successful people. Please get out of this mode. It is worth filling your heart with compassion and respect for fellow human beings.

Even this so called group around you will vanish in thin blue air when you are in real trouble. Your parents, your wife and your children alone will be the ones shedding tears and fighting against all odds to save you.

As a mother, my first impulse could have been to wish that God punishes you. But then, that will make me no different from you. At my age and experience and the foundations on which I have led my life or steered Chinmayi’s, I can’t be doing anything but writing what I am, right now.

Valmiki and so many others had a beginning to their lives which were not commendable. Today they have been embellished in the tenets of History, standing tall through eras, centuries and generations. Let me accept Mr. Pokkiri’s claim that you have a good writing skill. Let it not be abused to write articles like the one on Kalahasti or the abuse on women.

If you don’t believe in God, fine. Instead of abusing god, praise nature or anything beautiful. If you want to comment on politics, public figures, do so within acceptable norms. If Chinmayi or I would not like to be a part of your views, we are entitled to have ours. We will not keep quiet at the face of abuse or trolling.

You seem to be quite young. And you have a long journey ahead. Your child will learn from your life, lived by you as an example.

Think for and by yourself. Many of your followers don’t even have their own photographs and names and can conveniently vanish if need be. You have an open identity and that makes me spend this time to write to you.

I pray my Devi to show you the right path and vision and personally bless you for a turn of righteous life.

If you folks make obscene comments about this post also, I have nothing else but to sigh in exasperation · Reply