Monday, May 25, 2009

IPL fiasco, a fixed final

I watched the tamed IPL fiasco, a fixed final, as I expected and sort of outlined by the Fake IPL blogger (KKR). I am not that one. I know it is a combined effort of Akash Chopra and Ajit Agarkar.

Last years 7th and 8th position holders were sure to play this years finals, as predicted in the last years final day by Lalit Modi, the master of all fixers, if he would accept that with his stake invisibly in KKR and Rajasthan Royals (Note - he was the cricket boss at Jaipur).

So next year, with the same 8 teams playing ( with a one off November USA bonanza of short IPL @ New York and Los Angeles ), the last 2 being Mumbai Indians and KKR would be features and KKR would win. Already with Bollywood involved, there is enough marketing going on to make it a big brand. So speaks the Gold in their pajama's/jersies.

So they are talking about 2 more teams, for 2011 edition, when most of the cricketers, now retired and old enough to be grandpa's would be still playing. I hope they get a version of Senior Cricketers IPL...

Coming back to the Bangalore teams fiasco, I feel Vijay Mallya paid his way to the finals this year, bringing in big names and a good coach, and left it to the team to win from there on. Nice approach. Now wonders bookies gave big odds, Rs 2.12 for Re 1 and most of the betters, lost heavily...

Even the new President of South Africa Mr Zuma, has told that IPL has revived the economy with few hundred million dollars. Read here on The Hindu... Note that the entire payments and collections are taxed at current rates in South Africa. No concessions!

Man, I hate Cricket.

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