Monday, May 25, 2009

படிக்க சுவாரசியம் - End of an era, Brand Name

Sorry to say this, but anyone involved with Eelam knows that there is a "brand name" to capitalize on!

The concerned spokespersons announcement is not accepted. People are getting angry calling him traitor!

No wonder Tamilnadu Politicians are not accepting the "end". Now what else will they base their politics on? I would urge them to concentrate on the plight of Tamils in the mainland (India). Make sure, everyone gets a roof over their head, proper food and sanitation, medical facilities, proper job trainings and opportunities through an education and employment board and necessary funds for all infrastructure, ensuring there is enough money spent...

They are bothering about their kin to accept plum, money making ministerial posts!

We should also not forget Veerappan episode and Nedumaran's involvement to secure release of Rajkumar (money involved?) and Nakheeran Gopal's fierce writings... He might be talking some truth!

What I have heard is, there is forcible donation collection abroad, apart from double taxes at Srilanka, drug trafficking visa Thailand & Burma to European nations, human trafficking to help seek asylum in a good sympathetic "foreign" country, etc...

Would all the relocated Tamils, return back to Srilanka if given autonomy? Will they give up their kushy well settled life abroad? Now I feel that they will say that "a separate Tamil state" is the final acceptable solution.

What do you say on the above few points?

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