Monday, March 16, 2009

Changing Houses

Well the promotion did not get me anything, no money!

I wanted to get an individual house all the time, at least one bedroom extra.

In the apt. complex where I stay, for the same rent that I was paying, one extra room was available... I jumped in arranged for the advance and moved in on Saturday.... But this apartment is in the first floor.

Earlier, I was nearer to the terrace, third floor, and with easy access, and with my Laptop and internet, life was easy during bearable summers.

Some times, you will have to give an take.

Here, the tiles are bad. Life is cool ( no heat! ) unlike the topmost floor and Sun.

Good thing is owner lives in a different city, and I hope to get little leeway in paying rent...

The Airtel guys, had to just change the pluggings to this apt, for the same no. and they are going to charge me Rs 800/- for shifting. Why?

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