Friday, March 13, 2009

My Managers Farewell Lunch

There is a word called "instability" that I saw in my managers eyes today.

Even though I knew what was in store, I did not tell anyone. I sort of pushed around folks for a long after outside lunch, which became a rarity after the recession hit us. It was about 6 months ago, we went to a lavish buffet.

First thing in the morning, my manager got hurt in his hand at work. He was showing off, with listening to songs, in his newly bought IPod. Poor thing.

At around 10.30 AM, he was called into the Director's cabin. Then the HR Manager walked in. After 10 minutes I was called in. My Manager had a smug face, no laugh or smile, but a grief stricken face.

Director said to me, "Raju, you will be handling all the activities of your Manager, now he is leaving today to pursue some other opportunities. And thats it." All over.

We both walked out, and the HR Manager, took my Manager to finish some formalities.

There were hushes all around.

HR Manager had organised for my 10 member team, to assemble in the conference room, and I was led there. I was introduced as the new "Manager". I thanked the HR and told the team, that the old (irony) Manager was leaving to pursue other opportunities. We shall take him for Lunch. All agreed.

I spent few minutes with my Manager and continued with my work. I just called the other 2 leads and had a chat on pending work. Saw my Manager, calling his wife, and he probably got yelled at.

Lunch went of with a silent note. It was at the place where my Manager used to "bat" heavily and love that "free chat" served before the buffet. But today, he wasn't in any moods. He thanked all and said that he is leaving to a better opportunity! He was gracious to pay for the Lunch, inspite of us, trying to pay. He said, he owed us for that for a long time.

After reaching workplace, he collected all his belongings, and made a move to the door. He smiled at me. I could see the tears in his eyes, as if it was telling me, something.

He came near me... that time I saw that a new set of visiting cards lying on my table (how fast, or was it planned so fast?), with my designation at "Manager". I picked one, and scribbled my mobile no on the back and gave it to him, and said, "Call me sometime". He went off without saying anything...

At times, Friday the 13th may turn out to be lucky to some!

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