Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Top priorities for India

I have been thinking about what these political parties are doing in this world.....

What definitely India needs is... solid plans to take care of these five issues...

(a) hunger - provide for like American Soup Kitchens

(b) eliminating begging - for disabled, some quality homes and jobs that they can do liek provided for my Sakthi Masala..... For abled tie with point (e)

(c) healthcare - Like in UK & Canada, where NHS takes care of everyone.

(d) illiteracy - This is used by politicians to the core. More educated become Socialists or Communists. Hence hard work is needed.

and (e) proper jobs - many abled folks can participate in NREGS and get decent jobs, building roads, canals etc.

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  1. Raju, these are nice activities that every country can follow.