Monday, June 8, 2009

Tamilnadu Open University Goof Up

My brother Venki is appearing for MBA exams, with Tamilnadu Open University.

Since it came under the Guindy Campus and respected teachers are there, he chose the institute through a provider in Dindigul.

Now it is exam time. Next five weeks are filled with exams on Saturday & Sunday.

Now TNOU (Tamilnadu Open University ) has done a major goof up in issuing hall tickets for exams to be started on June 13th, 2009.

First of all, they are not going to mail it. Sad! It is only going to be on a website ( poorly designed )... See the interface of TNOU Hall Ticket viewer

Next, whatever is posted on their website is not up to date or wrong, asking for reregistration fee to be paid.

For some, even after paying all the fees, their record is not found!


Brother Venki is wondering, how they would have given the 2nd year books, without paying up the fees!

Someone has to seriously help!

All avenues exhausted! No one from university is responding. (no one lifts the phone)

Even the controller of examinations, removed her email id from the web page! No wonder!

Whom should Venki contact?


  1. very bad. :-( did it get solved?

  2. Thanks Thambi. Finally it is solved. Pressure from many quarters.