Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lay off

One interesting thing happened at my work place yesterday.

My manager's manager and me went to have tea. Interesting.... talk went around many topics of working only 80 hours a week etc.

I work in a very small office with under 100 people, and you can expect to know anyone and everyone.

Just with 10 years of experience he is called as a Director. And the owner is an MD & CEO with only 9 years of experience. Lucky fellows, they have got a chance to travel to USA and drive good cars.

I had written about my manager's nature in this post. Executive MBA

My managers manager (Director) started asking me about the manager. I told him frankly about him being a slave driver and forcing us to work even on Sundays and Holidays apart from the unwritten law of Saturday work. He talked about our salary (pea nuts) and was checking whether we are doing something extra (like working on the side he says) and was telling about economy and the crisis and such bullshit. He was asking about how internet (hm...) resources being used for personal gains at work etc etc... At least I try to make sure, I am at work. (Also we do blogging for a living, for customers)

All of a sudden, he told me something that I was shocked to hear. (I have heard that the Director was calling people personally and firing them for non performance - who knows the yardstick).

We are planning to let you manager go (lay off), and we want to elevate you. Shocks and smiles. (Ten heads under my control! ha ha but they are my friends...) He would be gone Friday, and in the mean time, make sure that you learn whatever (really don't know what he does) has to be learn't.

Today being a holiday, Director has not come in and my manager is cool and driving nuts here at work, without knowing what is in store.

Should I tell my manager or wait till Friday?


  1. What a pity to your manager! I hope he has learnt the lesson of his life! Why dont you guys take him out for a (free) lunch on Friday?

  2. மறக்காமல் வெள்ளி அன்று என்ன ஆயிற்று என்று எழுதவும்.