Sunday, March 8, 2009

Executive MBA

This is a nice blog for studies in the Executive MBA world.

Each article is worth its weight in whatever precious who reads it!

There are many articles that encourage getting that coveted MBA! (part time?)

Also my humble opinion is, as you get older, you may not have that "enthu" to read for exams!

This is like a person I know, who doesn't want to spend on petrol, and doesn't have a car. Takes bus most of the times. Saving the world he says. But equally spends on autos. Bangalore and Hyderabad is fine. Delhi is cool in sharing. But what about Chennai?

My manager is an " idiot ", in spite of being a Manager, where he can afford a car, he doesn't know driving. May be, he is not driving to save money... or learn't it? I have given him drives on my bike to his home after late hours of work.

But there is a mystery in getting Executive MBA. I got one from Loyola, Chennai.

But it is worth, only if you want to flaunt it.

Today is womens day. Hence writing something that can be of use to them too.

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