Thursday, December 31, 2009

Truth about Chetan Bhagat and Five Point Someone

I happened to watch 3 idiots with Sumana, yesterday evening. Too long and boring after interval. Heard that Aamir Khan has made few more millions!

I was searching on the story credit for Chetan Bhagat, for his novel Five point Someone ( FPS) and alas, in true Bollywood style they have stolen his story and given a, based on Novel by credit.... ( in the end after the light boy credit! )

A book, a film and the truth

It was a decent movie, with about 50 to 70 percent of story line hacked (!) from your FPS.

Some blogger is going to do a scene by scene coverage.

You have clearly mentioned that you are not after money/fame. I hope the true credit comes from One Night @ Call center and 3 Mistakes. You are a good writer, very obviously. I dont want to comment on 2 states as it reflects Ek Duje Ke Liye.

Obviously beyond interval, it is a mix masala of typical Bollywood style with unwanted sentiments! That baby birth scene might have been flicked from a super hero ( geek ) novel, may be?

This is how Bollywood works ( right? ) and I think, you might have been more happier @ Hong Kong or elsewhere.


OK this is the change from FPS and 3Idiots.

  1. IIT Delhi has become Imperial College of Engineering.
  2. Title characters names have changed, but in same plot line.
  3. The Ramalingam character is also well developed ( Chamatkar, Balathkar )
  4. The intimate scenes with heroine ( Dept Head's daughter )
  5. Switch over characters for degree, Javed Jaffri @ Simla
  6. Wangdu as a super scientist?
  7. Setup of Climax in Leh, Ladak
  8. Like Tamil movie Varusham 16, one of the friend gets a call in the beginning after 10 years

and many more.... but someone will definitely write the essence and scene by scene coverage, comparing both!


  1. Just a minor modification ... FPS plot included IIT delhi , and in Movie too they showed college situated in Delhi only , Rajpath etc prove it

  2. I thought Chopra guys paid lots of money to Chetan Bhagat. So something is fishy, and smells a lot in true Bollywood style.