Saturday, December 5, 2009

HR Head Bangalore

I work for a small co. in Bangalore with about 50+ people ( only 3 support staff in HR ). HR in our co. ( all are from Kerala for some unknown reason - isn't it obvious about hard working nature? ) was doing a wonderful job, till one lady was hired from TE. This is what I heard from my MD, about 2 years ago... She was an associate manager there, having worked as a HR Clerk in south somewhere, before she came to Bangalore. She was desperate to get a job, and my boss who always picked Keralites, didn't have any issues in hiring her, until he fired her in 3 days! She was so desperate to get a job, and she tricked by quoting Sales Incentive of about 60% of her CTC, that was not in the payslip or CTC. Quoting that extra. MD did not have an issue in matching that salary ( reasonable in Bangalore standards ) and offered her. She joined in 2 days time. Friday the offer was given and the following Monday she joined! How can a co. from Tata group free someone so fast? Reason given to MD was she had quit to take one offer, but not joining them as the co. was in Whitefield and BTM Layout was closer to her. Also she tricked MD in giving her the HR Head title. MD smiled and said, does it make a difference in a small co.?

The first day went on fine. Introductions and all. MD took senior guys out for a lunch to a nearby Veg. restaurant. She made comments like, Non veg would have been better, and she eats only non veg. outside. She left for the day early at 3 PM. No one noticed. Later our old HR Manager, told me over coffee that it was a mistake to have hired her to the company and he would leave if she continues. He also mentioned that the other 2 HR folks would follow suit too. Voila, good hit for the first day!

Next day she came in late, walked in straight to MD's office, who was in a serious meeting with other managers and demanded a separate office, as she will have to spend some time one on one with employees! MD was not happy! No one knew what she was doing. She was missing in action for 2 hours during lunch. In the afternoon she spoke to the Director of the co. in pushing few of her Kerala relatives for fresher jobs. In the evening at 5 PM she left, without even informing anyone. ( we work from 9 AM to 6.30 PM, with 1.5 hours breaks for lunch and Tea ).

The next day morning, MD was waiting for her. She walked in coolly at 10 AM and our peon was sent to fetch her to MD's cabin. Within few minutes, we saw her being escorted out of office. She was crying profusely. Lots of news were being spoken about her in hush hush. MD called everyone and told that she has quit to pursue other options. Obvious!

Later, when I was talking to MD, on certain things about the company, me being a share holder... he informed that the previous day he had found her interviewing in another friends co. that is listed in BSE/NSE and they were about to offer. Just a day after joining our company! In the heat of the moment she blurted that she has an offer with our co. ( she didn't tell about actually joining ) and demanded more money than that! Also the reference check she gave, which was done inspite of being a small co., was from a low level person who had duped telling he is HR head, and by mistake after hearing about this interview episode MD wanted to talk to that person again, but didn't call the mobile, but the board / landline, and the actual HR head in TE was patched up! The truth was known, whereas she was let go few months ago and managed to generate the job certificate etc. being in HR and plugged a person to answer when someone calls. Also the CTC was wrong and HR guys didn't have anything to do with sales!

Later I came to know that she was assisting in her husbands electromechanical company, while at her paid office.

I hope she is not screwing herself, or others but learn't from mistakes!

Reading this article, made me write this.

Good people only can survive anywhere!

( I had to pen it in English, as such things need to be written in the work Language )

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