Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dont go to Dubai for work

I read this astonishing post about the nature of jobs in Gulf.

"துபாய் பக்கம் வேலை தேடி யாரும் வராதீங்க!"

I have a take on this.....

So what you are telling is, you will stay and earn there (or your friends) and we shall stay back in India! ;-)

Also, what if I came there on visit visa and got a job, and survive through this turmoil at a decent salary?

I feel that talent alone can make a person survive anywhere including Antarctica or Space.


It is like me getting visa for USA and sitting in India, without the right job there. That company who filed the visa (free!) doesn't see the opportunity! Even no takers from other co's.... Dearth of talent they say.


Well Chiru can have the best say.... for Indian elections... fourth front it seems ha ha.... ;-)

read here...

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