Monday, March 30, 2009

I am just asking for a coffee

These guys at office are scoundrels, who help us get coffee or tea.

It so happens that the owner of our co. is so kanjoos... he allows to serve only tea. Well, that is hot water, with tea flavour. This is brewed in the mottai maadi at office, near the toilets. Kanraavi. 2 litres of milk, serves the entire office. Imagine how much water is used!

All I am asking is coffee, can they get some milk and some instant coffee powder.

I cant just walk out to that small petty shop outside office, now that I am a Manager, guys look at me differently, cannot stop them giggling though.

Also there is a problem of involuntarily picking up the biskat or bajji or bonda, whatever is on display under the polythene paper. Adds to the weight.

I was well under weight at Coimbatore, after I moved for a short while to be with parents at Coimbatore..... 2001 to 2002 was very nice.

Well things ended short, sort of working for less in a startup and earning more... the owner is a very decent person and taught me everything about how to execute projects. Worth for the money I didnt earn... sor tof less compared, but better than most co's there. I even got a parting gift of Rs 25,000/- from the owners pocket, and an expresso machine (just 9 months old), that is still being used at home.... (I just use the regular Bru coffee powder to get the Italian taste)

Now all I am asking is ... just... COFFEE!

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