Sunday, March 29, 2009

Culture Custodians at Chennai

I was talking to a friend who lives in the Asha Deep Apartments, Chennai (near Egmore railway station) where 2 guys staying in a 2 Bedroom apartment were troubled by the non owners (Apartment Association head and the wife) for bring in 2 girls friends form work (they stay at Jayanti working women's hostel, which is walking distance, and the BPO van picks all these folks at one point 6 PM everyday), for 15 minutes or so. That too, was instigated by 2 guys, who were watching (Sena rowdies? or MMC new hostel guys?) from outside daily. This has been a regular habit for them to get into arguments it seems.

I despise educated youth being Culture Custodians at Chennai or Moral Police!

Read from a newspaper on an activist (Rehane, Fashion Designer) outburst... but well said.

I sometimes feel sad for these self-appointed custodians of morality. They need to get a life, lighten up and find a occupation. Otherwise, they'll only belong to the party pooper ranks!

I know beloved blogger community would went the anger in different way!

But I am going to help my friend to do Black Magic to go against the trouble makers in that complex, at 5 AM with a goats head. Normal methods don't work for such folks. You have to ensure that they get into depression.... And the law cannot punish for doing it (they need direct linking proof, than just intention alone)! Just kidding!

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